Virtual Reality in Dental Practice

Virtual Reality in Dental Practice

april 22, 2021 door SyncVR Medical

Over the course of recent times, dental education has progressed tremendously. Advanced teaching and learning methods have been developed and refined. This has led to improved precision of skills involving dexterity and hand coordination. This is particularly important in areas such as dentistry. Virtual Reality is a great tool for not just  understanding the patients’ perspective but also plays a part of continuous education of dental professionals.

1. Virtual Reality helps to deal with patient’s anxiety, fear and pain during dental visits

Visiting a dentist can be a daunting experience due to the anxiety and pain associated with it. VR will immerse the patients into other worlds. They can view scenes that will help them feel relaxed and calm during a procedure Patients will be less anxious and fidgety, which will allow you to treat them more efficiently.

2. Less Dependence on Nitrous Oxide

Dentists who have used VR report little or no use of nitrous oxide to relax their patients. They’ve experienced benefits such as lower expenses, administering fewer drugs to patients, showing patients that they’re innovative, and demonstrating that they care about the opioid drug epidemic and are part of the solution.

3. VR will make you stand out as a welcoming office.

VR reflects concern for patient welfare, allows you to treat patients who become more relaxed and calmer, reduces patient anxiety and stress, reduces procedural time and gives the doctor more flexibility. Patients will talk about these practices and recommend their dentists to their friends and families. This will place these dental practices at the top.