VR in Zeiten von Covid-19


FitterTodayVR is a program of virtual reality (VR) applications for the physical and mental (home) rehabilitation of (post-IC) Covid-19 patients. This is aimed at making rehabilitation more independent (at home) and motivating.

The digital application can be used on VR glasses and consists of movement, breathing and relaxation exercises and "serious games" to improve memory, cognition and concentration. Practitioners use the application in practice, and can also lend the VR glasses to the patient for independent practice in the home situation. The therapist can monitor the patient remotely and monitor progression. For example, the physical therapist can see whether patients perform their exercises, with what duration and what the scores are per exercise. There has been a successful trial with physiotherapists and patients. See here a video of a (young) test person.

In addition to SyncVR Medical, Reducept and NeuroReality, the Radboudumc, the Jeroen Bosch Hospital, the Diakonessenhuis, the HAN and ten physical practices are involved in the development, implementation and scientific validation of this program. The Dutch National Physiotherapy Association (KNGF) guidelines have been used as a basis.

The implementation and the license for the program requires an investment of +/-€1500 in addition to the purchase of suitable VR glasses (€450-€ 850). For more information, please contact SyncVR Medical at [email protected]

The Richard Hoogland Fund (https://richardhooglandfonds.nl/) has made financial resources available for the start of this project. Chairman Wim Verkerk:

"The corona crisis is affecting all of us. But it is especially the frail elderly who are hit hardest. Many of the patients in intensive care belonged to this group. Those who have endured this difficult period of loneliness and fear are facing a difficult and long recovery period.Therefore it is important that help is provided.FitterTodayVR from SyncVR responds in an innovative way to these acute problems.From the Richard Hoogland Fund, we now certainly want to give a helping hand to these kinds of important developments. hope to be able to offer a little relief and hope for a speedy recovery. "

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