Who are we

SyncVR Medical builds the largest Virtual Reality Healthcare Platform in Europe, being active in over 75 healthcare institutions in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium - from VR for pain reduction to COVID-rehabilitation…

This all started with a tiny, tiny idea: could VR have a positive impact on patients during chemotherapy? No one believing in our weird plans, patients were put under the VR-spell so significantly, that our then-team-of-2 continued the journey.

What that initial pilot was about? See it here in Dutch:

And then things became larger: not just the oncology department of 1 hospital wanted to use VR, but other departments started to become interested… And other hospitals heard about it too. Oh, and then rehabilitation centers heard of SyncVR, as well as elderly care homes, private practices, and eventually Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and other European countries we now work with.

Get an insight into the team

Although things have changed and will keep on changing, our mission won't: improving healthcare with Virtual Reality

And who makes all of that happen? An epic team of young, energized people who want to have an impact on people's lives above all else. Playfulness, curiosity, and a bit of weirdness are present in each one of us, and if you get enthused about this while reading, we might even open our virtual door for you!

A few statistics about the team:


Has blue hair


Had no previous experience with VR before joining SyncVR


Prefer Lord of the Rings over Harry Potter


Are female


Enjoy pizza, beer and / or a combination of both

Interested to join this group of people? Let us know about it [email protected], and have a look beforehand on our job site:

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