01 / Jun / 2021

SyncVR has been focusing on internationalization more and more these past couple of months. Not only have we expanded to other countries than just the Netherlands, but we also implemented new languages and drafted an even more international team. We believe that everybody should have access to the revolutionary and innovative experience that is medical VR. Our team is now being strengthened by people from all over Scandinavia, the USA, Germany, and Ireland. They further acknowledged that internationalization is key for SyncVR. Therefore, we have started implementing more and more languages in the VR applications in the App store. 

A country is never defined by just one language, which is why multiple options should be available. Everybody deserves to be able to experience medical VR in a language that they are most comfortable with. Optimal distraction or relaxation will only be reached if a person actually has the possibility to follow the voice-over during the immersive VR experience. Research has also shown that language barriers can have some serious impact on the patient's wellbeing. Not only could it result in a poorer assessment of symptoms, but it may ultimately result in lesser diagnosis and improper care. That's where SyncVR comes in. We bridge this gap by making healthcare accessible with the addition of new languages, as that will optimize relaxation and distraction during medical procedures. By bridging these possible language barriers, the patient will experience SyncVR in its full capacity. All the patients' needs should be met, and that includes incorporating different languages.

For these reasons, we have been working hard on implementing multiple languages. We are proud to announce that all the relax and distract applications can now be enjoyed in Dutch, German, Danish, English, French, Arabic, Turkish, and Russian. These languages have been chosen as they are widely spoken within the population of the countries we currently work with. We aim to branch out even further and thus incorporate even more languages. Internationalization and inclusion are of high importance and we will continue to stress this in the future.

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