The functionalities of Virtual Reality (VR) are unlimited. It can be applied in so many instances, especially in the medical world. A procedure for which VR is particularly useful and beneficial is dialysis. This is a long procedure used as a treatment for people with kidney problems and it needs to be repeated quite frequently. To start the dialysis a thicker needle has to be attached to one's arm. This can be quite a scary and sometimes painful procedure for some. That's where VR comes in. 

VR helps create new and easier ways for the patient to go through dialysis. A patient could wear a VR headset before getting the injection and follow a relaxation exercise or watch a nature scene as a distraction for example. The focus will be shifted from the actual procedure to what they are experiencing in the VR environment. This will lessons the anxiety and distract them from the pain. 

However, VR applications can also take a step further when it comes to dialysis applications. VR can provide the patient with information about the procedure. It has been proven that VR can help with improving the storage and recall of medical information. It creates this heightened form of focus on what is being said as the patient fully emerges in it. Such patient education helps them get acquainted with what is about to happen, which again lessons the fear of the unknown. Such patient education also less the infection rates. SyncVR Medical applications that discuss just this are called 'Dialysis Orientation' and 'Weltenmacher Orientation' and they can be found in the app store. 

Lastly it is also great for the medical personnel to learn how to administer dialysis to patients. It gives them the opportunity to safely practice the procedure without harming any patients. Mistakes can be corrected and perfected until a trainee is set to do the real work. SyncVR Medical has even created an application called 'HD Self Injection' that teaches patients how to do the dialysis injection themselves. This can be extremely helpful for hemodialysis procedures done at home. All this goes to show that the options are very extensive and very useful.

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