SyncVR is ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified!

July 13, 2021 by SyncVR Medical

SyncVR Medical is proud to announce that we have acquired the ISO2001 and NEN7510 certifications. It should also be noted that we are the first ever VR company to receive these certifications. This shows that we are indeed frontrunners in the VR industry, especially for the medical world. We aim to be frontrunners on multiple aspects, and with these certifications we prove that we continue doing so. 

But what do they actually entail? Both certifications are about our information security management system. In other words: how we deal with personal information of companies and everything that we receive and/or use. By acquiring such a certification, the outside world gets the proof that we value and commit to having a secure information management system when providing our innovative VR experience. This is of course not new for us, but this certification only strengthens our promise.  

There is a small difference between the two certifications. ISO27001 is internationally known as the certification for information security management systems. NEN7510 is very similar, but only for the Dutch market and specifically targeted at healthcare. We are therefore very proud to have also received this certification as our focus is healthcare specific. Both ensure that information is securely and safely dealt with. Something that SyncVR Medical finds incredibly valuable. With our entire platform now ISO and NEN certified, we are taking VR to the next level.

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