SyncVR Medical

The largest VR platform for healthcare

VR Platform

The largest VR platform for medical care


A proven implementation process to structurally apply VR in healthcare


Over 30 healthcare organisations collaborating with SyncVR

The largest VR platform for healthcare

The SyncVR Medical platform enables you to implement VR throughout the hospital: from hardware, software and workshops to agreements with supporting services and a hygiene protocol.

Largest Virtual Reality library.

SyncVR has the largest library of healthcare VR apps. Specific wishes? We can even develop custom VR experiences.

Reliable implementation process

With our validated implementation process, we train entire teams and make clear agreements with supporting hospital services.

Safe hygiene protocol

We have developed a unique hygiene solution to safely implement VR in healthcare.

Online dashboard

Within our online dashboard you have real-time insight into the use of all VR headsets in your institution, with possibilities to link an electronic health records.

Latest VR hardware

We consistently use the latest VR hardware and supply other hardware (e.g. charging locker, tablet to see what patient sees).

Complete service and support

Our team is always there for our partners for (technical) support.

The largest library of healthcare VR apps

For years we have been active in applying VR for medical purposes. Based on this experience, we have selected the very best apps for your hospital or healthcare institution.

Acute pain/anxiety/stress

SyncVR Relax & Distract

Met SyncVR Relax & Distract kan je acute pijn, angst en medicatie verminderen tijdens medische interventies zoals puncties en operaties.


Chronic pain


With Reducept you fight your pain in Virtual Reality. Your world without chronic pain!

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Stress and anxiety reduction

Magic Horizons

Through scientifically validated exercises, anxiety and stress are reduced within a very short time.

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Around the Globe with Jimmy Nelson

The Magic Mattress

With renown artist Jimmy Nelson, patients can travel the world, learn about all our planet has to offer and escape from the hospital environment. Bekijk hier de video.

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EMDR therapy in VR


Psylaris offers autonomous EMDR therapy in addition to regular treatment, resulting in faster results, shorter waiting times and increased patient self-reliance.

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Cognitive training and assessment


Virtuleap is a library of cognitive VR exercises for, among other things, memory, problem solving, spatial orientation and motor control. Suitable for various forms of rehabilitation, physical reactivation and cognitive stimulation in the care domain.

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SyncVR Fit

SyncVR Fit stimulates movement in a playful way - from goalkeeping in a virtual gym to picking fruit on a tropical island. Suitable for pediatric physiotherapy, geriatric rehabilitation and post-IC rehabilitation, among other groups.


A structured implementation of VR

Great implementation is the key to success. With our trained teams, we are involved from A to Z to implement VR sustainably, hospital-wide.


partner hospitals

The largest VR platform for European healthcare.


departments using SyncVR

VR for all hospital departments, from pediatrics to geriatrics.


healthcare workers trained

We train entire teams so that you can apply VR indepenently.


SyncVR patient experiences

Improving patients' quality of life with VR is our mission.

Our partners

Hospitals that already work with us

Ms. dr. I.J.A.M. Verberk-Jonkers

What hospitals say about SyncVR Medical

“Pain and anxiety during cannulation are recurring problems in the lives of our hemodialysis patients. That is why we use SyncVR in the dialysis center of Maasstad Hospital. "

The patient's word is leading

Patient experiences

The quality of life of patients is central. This is what they say.

“You can escape for a while together, far away from your daily worries. You really feel like you are in Rome... That is a very special experience.”


Maasstad Hospital, oncology

"Once you have the headset on, it is certainly a relief. You are focused on what you are experiencing and not on the fact that those needles go in.”

Mrs. van Dam

Maasstad Hospital, Dialysis

“Deze ontspanningsoefeningen helpen om patiënten na hevige ingrepen tot rust te laten komen. Er is duidelijk sprake van pijn- en angstvermindering.”

Verpleegkundige over patiënt

Catharina Ziekenhuis


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